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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cooking 101 Recap: Week V

Wednesday, March 13, 2013 | 8:53 AM Posted by Northeastern Dining , , , , No comments

by Campus Executive Chef Tom Barton

Hi everyone! Last night we had the fifth week of our Cooking 101 class and we had a great time talking with all of our student chefs about the oh so popular subject of side dishes. While it can be a bland topic, we instead focused on some of the more nontraditional, but increasingly popular, starches and vegetables available at your local market.

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It's easy to pick a great vegetable side dish in the summer when produce is at its peak...but how about in the dead of winter? Our class participants made and tasted things like lemon scented multigrain pilaf, wild mushroom risotto, smoky cider braised greens, and roasted spiced winter squash. We also spoke about various potatoes and what their best uses are. People are very particular about their mashed potatoes so we tried to settle some important mashed potato debates, such as lumps or no lumps and skins on or off? To spice things up a little we used the knife skills learned in week two to incorporate some other flavors into our mashed potatoes like parsnips and celery root.

Next week we will be discussing cooking methods and how they can be applied to different meats and vegetables. Do you know the proper way to sauté? After next week I know ten people who will!


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