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Monday, April 22, 2013

Tales From The Truck: Year One in Review

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While I write this post I am also planning the proper steps of what it will take to shut down the Hungry Hungry Husky food truck for the summer. Our home base at International Village will be undergoing renovations for some exciting changes and additions come September, so we will also have a lapse in service. Although we won't be in business, there will still be multiple dining options at your disposal on campus this summer.

Food truck entrepreneurs and operators come from all walks of life and open trucks with many different goals, ideas, and visions in mind. It is because of this that there is great diversity of options when choosing to dine at a mobile food vendor. The past six months I've spent managing H3 have been by far the most rewarding and exciting since I have been here at Northeastern. The following are some of the highlights, for me, in managing the Hungry Hungry Husky:

Friday, April 5, 2013

Cooking 101 Recap: Week VIII

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by Campus Executive Chef Tom Barton

Well it's finally here -- the final Cooking 101 class. As promised, next week's final session will be the student chefs' chance to utilize the tips and techniques they have learned during the past eight weeks to prepare a complete three course dinner for their invited guests. In this past Tuesday's class, our chefs were busy practicing the surprise menu.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tales From The Truck: The Future of Food Trucks

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A while back in my first blog post on the history of food trucks, I promised a follow-up post about what we see as the future for food trucks. Food trucks are far from hitting their peak. We are part of a market that is still developing and there are endless opportunities for prospective operators who want to open food trucks and sell the food they are passionate about, and think will fit a missing niche for consumers. Food trucks are great additions to any city around the world; they get customers out on the streets and in turn create a sense of community and interaction with your fellow city goers.