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Monday, April 22, 2013

Tales From The Truck: Year One in Review

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While I write this post I am also planning the proper steps of what it will take to shut down the Hungry Hungry Husky food truck for the summer. Our home base at International Village will be undergoing renovations for some exciting changes and additions come September, so we will also have a lapse in service. Although we won't be in business, there will still be multiple dining options at your disposal on campus this summer.

Food truck entrepreneurs and operators come from all walks of life and open trucks with many different goals, ideas, and visions in mind. It is because of this that there is great diversity of options when choosing to dine at a mobile food vendor. The past six months I've spent managing H3 have been by far the most rewarding and exciting since I have been here at Northeastern. The following are some of the highlights, for me, in managing the Hungry Hungry Husky:
  1. Creating menus and the ability to "express" oneself
  2. Managing a food truck allows you to display your creative expression throughout your menu. It also enables you to share what you love and what you are good at with the world. This past semester on H3, we gave you the best sellers off our past menus and hopefully gave you a taste of travel or your favorite destination. Our adobo tacos and empanadas gave you a sample of South America and our Chicago Dog may have reminded you of a summer trip you took to the Midwest. Being able to transfer an idea or feeling onto a menu item is a great thing, but what's even better is when that menu item you created is also loved by your customers -- whether they have been to that locale or not.

  3. Getting out of the office or cubicle and onto the street
  4. Have you ever worked in a cubicle and wished you were outside instead? If this is your dream then working on food trucks could be the job for you. Working on a food truck offers the promise of freedom and flexibility and gets you away from the nine-to-five cube life. The fact that a food truck is outdoors and mobile might be music to your ears; in the spring, summer and fall it is a great feeling waking up to a beautiful day and knowing most of your time will be spent outside.

  5. Connecting with happy customers
  6. There's nothing like the thrill you get from a customer who leaves the truck happy and satisfied with a product you have made. This feeling is even greater when that customer returns time after time, and whether they get the same thing or something new it's great to see them back. As a wise man once said, "Being on par in terms of price and quality only gets you into the game. Service wins the game." Our motto on the truck is "provide outstanding service and your customers will be happy."
Thank you to everyone who visited H3 for a snack or meal this year. I hope you all have a great summer and we're looking forward to seeing you again in the fall!

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