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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Superfood Sides

Whether planning quick mid-week dinners or elaborate weekend parties, side dishes are often an afterthought. With the growing trend towards plant-forward eating, it’s time to take a fresh look at side dishes.

What are Superfoods?
The term Superfood is used often, but not always with the same meaning. The simplest way to think of Superfoods is that they offer benefits above and beyond their basic nutrient content. For example, antioxidants make berries super, while nuts and avocados have good fats. We focus on Superfoods that are naturally super, but there are also foods that are called super or functional because of ingredients that have been added to them.

Why sides?
Years of nutrition research has consistently shown that eating more plant foods is a good thing. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are part of every well-balanced diet – often in the form of side dishes! Putting a little effort into the flavor and presentation of your side dishes can help these health promoting food groups become a bigger part of what you eat every day.

How to get started:
Follow the seasons. Choosing Superfoods while they are in season means fresher, tastier meals at the best prices. Eat like a vegetarian. Have you ever noticed what vegetarians do when there isn’t a vegetarian option? They eat the sides! You can make a really good meal of side dishes if you plan well. Turn your plate inside out. Make the sides your main feature and use meat and other traditional center-of-the-plate items as the smaller, accent items. Need some recipe inspiration? Check out where there is a feature on Superfood Sides with recipes to try at home.

Written by Jennifer M. Roberts, MS, RD.
December 2016


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