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Monday, December 19, 2011

2011 Recap, Part 2: March & April

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If you missed Part 1 of our year-end recap, check out the best of January and February here.

- - MARCH 2011 - -

The 10th anniversary of our signature Mardi Gras celebration took place on Tuesday, March 8. Our entire team worked closely with the University administration to bring the best of the bayou to Boston. With a menu of traditional New Orleans favorites as their fuel, students had the opportunity to participate in several Mardi Gras-themed games such as a pancake tossing event where students had to toss as many pancakes from across the room onto a plate using only a spatula. The grand prizes for the contests were cash prizes of $110, $75, and $50 but both the participants and the spectators had a great time laughing and cheering. For more pictures of this fantastic event, be sure to check out the photo gallery on our Facebook page.

- - APRIL 2011 - -

It seemed as soon as the Spring 2011 semester started it was already coming to an end. We closed out the semester with our annual end-of-the-year event, Educate Your Palate. 2010's theme, "Street Eats,"  featured food crafted in the style of sidewalk vendors. With the food truck craze sweeping the country, as well as the impending arrival of Northeastern's very own food truck, Dining Services decided to put a spin on the theme and bring "Streets Eats II: Food Trucks" to Educate Your Palate 2011. The students who attended had the opportunity to visit a different "truck" at each serving station inside International Village. From "Nib's Loco Tacos" to "Who Let the Dogs Out...of the Bun," the diverse array of food truck cuisine available gave us a great head start in designing the menu for our food truck that launched in November.

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