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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2011 Recap, Part 4: July & August

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- - JULY 2011 - -
Source: Northeastern Facebook
With the graduation of the Class of 2011 in May, Northeastern welcomed the university's 114th incoming class at orientation sessions throughout the summer. In addition to the informational sessions about academics, student life, and healthy living, Dining Services and the Husky Card office teamed up to present the new students with everything they might need to know about dining on- and off-campus. Before receiving their first college ID, the incoming first-years are told about, among other things, the difference between Husky Dollars and Dining Dollars, how the meal exchange program works, and how many points a meal at Outtakes will cost. The students were also shown videos of past Dining Services events, including the Gingerbread Construction Contest video from December 2010. The interest piqued by showing this video at orientation helped us receive over 300 entries for this year's contest!

- - AUGUST 2011 - -

As a special presentation to the incoming students and their families visiting for orientation, we put on our first-ever summer Xhibition Kitchen cooking demo on August 2. Will Holtham, former owner/chef of several Martha's Vineyard restaurants, brought his new cookbook, Home Port Cookbook: Beloved Recipes from Martha's Vineyard, to the XK to showcase some of the cuisine that New England is best known for. Chef Holtham made his award-winning Quahog Chowder and it was the perfect introduction for many students and families to the Massachusetts area.


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